About Us

Premier Business and Projects Co. (PBP), previously known as The Arab Chemical Detergents Industries (ACDICO) , was established as a public shareholding company in 1973.

Its objectives were mainly manufacturing and distributing detergents and toilet soaps in Jordan and its neighboring countries.

The company started with a capital of JD 250,000 which was subsequently raised at several stages until it reached JD 1,500,000.

In 2007 ACDICO changed its name to Premier Business and Projects, and amended its objectives from Detergents production to being engaged in investment activities such as general commodities trading, and purchase and sale of land and property. Premier is operating now as an investment holding company.

Moreover, in 2007, PBP entered into a Joint Venture with Henkel AG & Co KGaA, Germany, under the name of Henkel Jordan, who are active in Laundry and Home Care business with well-known global brands. PBP owns 40% of Henkel Jordan. The other 60% is owned by Henkel AG & Co KGaA.

Goals and Objectives

Premier Business and Projects Co. aims to grow its assets by increasing the market value of its investments. The company will invest in equities, bonds, and will also acquire assets. At the same time, it aims to reduce its investments risks by balancing its portfolio and allocating the assets on different sectors and instruments.

Our Vision

We believe that the main obligation of the company in to invest in companies with considerable potential, and maximize shareholders value.

Our Associates

Henkel Jordan

• A private shareholding company established in January 10, 2007.

• Shareholders: Henkel AG & Co. KGaA Co. 60%, Premier Business & Projects Co. 40%.

• Capital JD (3,5) million divided into (3,5) million shares.

• Engaged in laundry and home care business with well-known global brands.

Board of Directors

Basim Jamil Muasher

Mohammad Jafar Al-Shami
Vice Chairman

Marwan Jamil Muasher
Member (Rep. Suheil Jamil Muasher and Bros. Co.)

Rafik Saleh Muasher
Member (Rep. Rajai Muasher and Bros. Co.)

George Jack Khayyat

Faris Elias Muasher

Nayef Aziz Baqaeen
Member (Rep. Muasher Investments and Trading Co.)

Malik Khalaf Al Alwan
Member (Rep. Jordan Engineers Association)

Yousef Ahmad Qaisieh

Our Offices

We are located in Amman at :
200 Princess Basma Street, Abdoun, Amman – Jordan.